Auki Labs CEO Nils Pihl recently spoke at the VR/AR Global Summit.

When the concept of augmented reality hit the mainstream, it did so with a bang. In the year 2009, interest for the phrase “augmented reality” exploded, and AR became one of the big buzzwords of that era.

This is the same year that “social media” started becoming a popular phrase, and in the summer of 2009 the two terms appear in Google Trends with a 5:12 ratio. For every 12 searches for “social media”, there were 5 searches for augmented reality. …

Wooden tadpole?

Take a look at this object. What do you see? You see a man-made object, but is it a tool or is it art? Consider and pay attention to what you actually perceive when you look at this image.

When I tell you that this is a bronze age shovel your perception changes. Now you see a handle, you see a flattened area for displacing dirt, you see an instrument for digging. By the act of speaking the word shovel I have reached into your mind and altered your perception of reality.

And if we do indeed dig deeper we…

Artist Ash Thorp’s vision of the future.

In this article I want to share a few thoughts about virtual worlds and augmented reality. Having embarked on a journey to build the next generation of tools for creating these virtual worlds, and the means for anchoring them so firmly in the physical world that they indeed become an augmentation of our shared reality, we at Auki Labs have spent many late nights pondering the inevitable coming of the next great human movement. But where are we now?

The Handheld Era

Apps like the massively successful Pokemon GO demonstrate our willingness to manifest virtual worlds in our reality, if not the technology…

One of the most misleading buzzwords, or perhaps one of the most disappointing technologies, is augmented reality. What we today call “AR” is not, in fact, an augmentation of reality — it’s a poor facsimile of a powerful idea.

Reality is something we share, not just a subjective experience. Reality is the world we move in together, not what we might be imagining in our mind’s private eye — and reality certainly isn’t what’s seen through the front-facing camera of a single solitary phone.

Today, AR is imagination but for the unimaginative. It’s the opposite of magic. Most modern AR…

Auki - Augmented Reality

Auki is on a mission to reinvent augmented reality with a universal positioning system and NFTs to make sure you see real objects in real places in real time.

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