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The Aukiverse is launching its closed beta with a strong roster of partners and a warchest of over 10 million dollars.

Since we invented the instant calibration method for shared augmented reality we have been on a wild ride of innovation, expansion and long nights in front of our computers working on some of the toughest technical challenges of our careers — but this hard labor has borne fruit, and today we can announce that we have built a warchest of over 10m dollars and a roster of amazing strategic partners and investors that are as excited as we are about the future of augmented reality and what is increasingly called “the metaverse”.

You can read more about our vision in the now infamous Aukiverse Blackpaper.

The breakthrough of instant calibration is just the tip of the iceberg of what we accomplished in 2021. In December we gave the first demo (in the world?) of three completely different applications, on completely separate codebases, interacting in real-time on the Aukiverse spatial protocol, and we started onboarding the first beta tester shortly thereafter.

“Exnetwork believes that AR is the next big paradigm shift and the Aukiverse is a very powerful tool to let creators, brands and communities easily offer a very unique warm experience,” says Eric Su of Exnetwork, one of the many partners that have started the process of onboarding portfolio projects onto the platform.

With the closed beta program in full swing, now is a great time to subscribe to this blog to keep up to date with the latest developments of the Aukiverse platform.

We are on a mission to help every device and person find their place in the world — literally.



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Auki Labs

Auki Labs

Auki is on a mission to help every person and device find their place in the world — literally.