The metaverse & the mindless march towards dystopia

The blue light campfire of the early internet.

Plato’s cybercave vs the Villages

As any avid meditator will know, our day-to-day experience of consciousness is very much colored, if not entirely defined, by where we place our attention. Successful new technologies bring about new human habits, making small imprints on the human psyche over time. By now we have learned of some of the consequences of Notifications, Like buttons, Recommendations and interstitial ads. We have disappeared and dived deep into our phone screens during meals and events, and grown accustomed to the constant little interruptions from our handheld window into cyberspace.

Big Brother and the Digital Twin

I believe that augmented reality is inevitable technology, because it is driven by the same fundamental desire that gave rise to our language. The coming years and decades will accelerate some incredible changes to our behaviors and psyches, and it would do us well to take a moment to examine where we are headed.

The real world metaverse has real world privacy implications.



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